Technology is Here to Stay

Keeping pace with technology in our built environment takes many forms. Increasingly the commercial, mixed-use, multi-family and medical facilities we build have smart technology included in the end product. It seems there is always something new to consider – a new program, new software and the latest screen devices. Our work and world has seen sudden and massive changes in the ways we connect, communicate and learn.

It’s easy to think of the newness of technology, but its evidence in our industry is as old as the first shelter built by man and before. In today’s terms we think of it in our equipment, the vehicles our crews use daily, the power tools and the cell phones we are attached to. The Oxford dictionary defines technology as “The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry; machinery and equipment developed from the application of scientific knowledge; the branch of knowledge dealing with engineering or applied sciences.”

The origin paints a compelling picture for those of us building. Traced back to the Greek terms tekhnē, meaning “art, craft” and logia to form tekhnologia meaning “systematic treatment.” At ProCon we take this to heart. It’s about the art and craft of systematically building.

Modern Homes Demand Smart Technology

Soleil Lofts, a multi-family development in Herriman, Utah offers residents a lived experience in an all-electric community. It’s a power plant of its own. The 600 apartments framed by ProCon will function as a ‘virtual power plant allowing integration of renewable energy to reduce costs and help sustainable communities grow (Rocky Mountain Power Press Release 2019). Here’s what we know:

  • The art and craft in bringing this vision together requires partnership, teamwork, and the very best we each have to offer for the good of the entire community.

  • One way ProCon’s technology (art+systematic treatment) shines is the quality of our work.

  • Whether or not residents pause to think about the technology apparent in the building behind the wires, the cables, the batteries in the wall, we know it’s there. We work with our partners to make sure it’s done right. Our technology includes us building to the highest industry standards.

This Trend is Set to Continue

ProCon is committed to increasing and enhancing our technology (art+systematic treatment) of building strong communities leading the way in ground-breaking ways.

As featured in Forbes Magazine, the 600-unit Soleil Lofts is a green community with 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes. Amenity rich, this property utilized clean energy with onsite solar energy generation. It’s toted as a “first of it’s kind all electric apartment community (Bloomberg Business Aug 2019).

“The Soleil Lofts project will provide the largest installed and operational utility managed residential battery demand response solution in the United States (Business Wire Aug 27 2019).”

ProCon is proud to have been part of this nationally ground-breaking project. If we think of technology in each room and unit of a multi-family development being used to create space for connection, whether to the power grid, our neighbors or family, we know the future is bright.

Additional information can be found in Solar Building Magazine (Aug 2019).