Seeing a building come together is an incredible process. From the moment the opportunity and need is identified to the planning, drafting, engineering, design, framing and finish work, being part of a build is exhilarating. What comes next, is another test of the building – what is the impact on the community? Who stays there, works there, lives there, commutes there, grows there?

Partnering with some of the largest developers and builders in the mountain west region, we frame thousands of rooms each year. One of our recent projects holds a special place in our world. We are proud to have framed the Ronald McDonald House in Boise Idaho.

Helping Families Stay Near One Another

Ronald McDonald House® Charities supports families of ill or injured children by keeping them together in times of medical need. Families are stronger when they’re together and family is what helps sick children cope with their illness. When we consider the use of buildings in creating communities, Ronald McDonald House Charities across the country remind us how building can support individuals in times of greatest need. Several features of the building include:

  • Four Kitchens

  • Secret Toy Room

  • Commercial Laundry Room

  • 47 Rooms

Building communities is a consistent theme with the scale of projects ProCon takes on. It may be adding a hotel for business and family travel, or framing multi-family developments where individuals will mark important moments in their lives. It may be framing medical facilities or senior living centers where family and friends will gather to encourage and support one another.

Whatever the exact nature of the build, we are pleased to help build communities.

We will always be proud to have framed a new house for Ronald McDonald House Charities®. You can learn more about the work of this incredible organization here.

Photo Credits: The last photo of the finished build courtesy of The Idaho Ronald McDonald House®